Russian School of Music Irvine brings the highest standards of the Russian Music Education system to Orange County and is a place where students love learning music! We preserve and nurture creativity in our students to enable them enjoying music to its fullest. We offer private lessons in piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, bassoon and theory. Our teachers are members of MTAC and help their students to achieve their goals and dreams whether it's to get a Certificate of Merit, get into an Honor orchestra, participate into and win competitions, pursue a professional career or just do it for a self-enrichment. 


The school was founded by a group of extraordinary musicians and talented educators whose students regularly win international, national, and state competitions. Our mission is to inspire our students, motivate to push their own limits and nurture their love to music. Many of our students are winners of different kind of competitions, principals in their school orchestras, and members of various honor orchestras. However, all these achievements is not our goal. It just naturally happens that when we put all our hearts into shearing our passion with our students, success comes by itself as a byproduct of a dedicated work.  


In our teaching we incorporate music theory component into performance practice helping student to broaden their comprehension of music itself, developing their cognitive skills, and raising an independently and artistically thinking individuals  

about Russian School of Music Irvine

Address: 18011 Sky Park Cir. Suite A, Irvine CA 92614


Phone: (949) 272-3366