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30 min trial lessons-$125
Learn with the best teachers! winners of International competitions and concert artists!
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for you!
Our teachers — have a unique experience!
Our teachers are winners of International competitions, world renowned musicians and active concerts artists who share with students experience and knowledge that only a few possess.
Performing opportunities
We support and encourage our students to share their love for music playing at the student recitals, participating in competitions, auditions and home concerts!
Our program is tailored for you!
Individual curriculum is the most effective way openning up a student's potential. Our experienced faculty will collaborate with you to create an exciting program that works the best for you and will motivate your kids to learn and develop their skills.
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30 min trial lessons - $125
Our private piano, violin, viola, guitar and cello classes designed for your children to encourage kids' interest in music from an early age and develop excellent technique which will affect their pace of learning and success in the future
Our adult classes are not very different from those for children because they are about you, the student, and our highly experienced faculty will work with you to achieve your goals whether you're doing it for self-enrichment, preparing for college or major International competitions
In response to COVID-19 we switched most of our music classes to online lessons and now teach piano, violin, viola, classical guitar and cello worldwide
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