Brian Cross first became acquainted with guitar during his childhood in rural Northern California. He grew up hearing his father play in an improvised blues style. It wasn’t until his high school years that Cross began his own endeavor into this instrument under his father’s guidance. He was a fast learner and soon found himself exploring a variety of different play styles.


Brian received his Bachelor degrees in both music and in psychology at CSU Chico and Master’s degree in guitar performance at California State University Fullerton under the tutelage of Martha Masters. During this time he continued his interest in psychology working as a behavior therapist where he spent many hours working alongside children with special needs. During these 3 years in this job he learned how to visualize motivation and learning in an often misunderstood demographic, a trait which heavily impacted his music making. Now residing in Orange County, Cross spends his time teaching music, mastering his craft, and hiking the hills of the ever beautiful California outdoors with his wife Chelsea.








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